8 Truths About UX/IX Design I Learned from the Berenstain Bears

Apartment Therapy recently wrote on 8 truths they’d learned from no other than the Berenstein Bears, another childhood staple of mine. The children’s book series taught me so much, from being a good sport to my first introduction into gender roles. Well, years later, it is helping me push the boundaries yet again to think about user experience design. So, adapted from Apartment Therapy’s list, here are the 8 truths applied to UX/IX design:

  1. “You really can’t have fun or relax in a room that’s such a terrible mess.” This is most definitely about navigation. You can’t have a delightful experience or relax and get user goals achieved in a website or application that’s a terrible mess [or is broken, or has excessive navigation].
  2. Sometimes, it’s good to get rid of things. Less tends to be more in the world of interaction design. Consider the new Pinterest interaction. Instead of forcing users to go through a number of clicks to follow a pinned whose pin they just pinned, Pinterest now helps users achieve this same goal all within the same modal window and mental space. Less interaction, more understanding and possibility.
  3. A place for everything… this holds true for content, navigation, information, and just about every other element of interaction design. Much like dishes belong in the kitchen cabinet as opposed to the bathroom cabinets, information needed to make decisions belongs at the right points of the user flow.
  4. Make it pretty. We’re not talking pretty pointless colors here. Make it aesthetically pleasing and congruent with your brand. Use visual elements to further clarify the message you’re send to your users.
  5. Label everything. Everything!
  6. Pegboards are totally boss. The inspiration behind this one is for every designer out there. Always look for inspiration for design, within and beyond the design world. Find bits of inspiration, collect them (maybe even Pin them), and be prepared to use them in unsuspecting ways.
  7. Have a ‘stuff’ box. Many applications of this one, but personally, this reminded me of my desktop folder called, “Old But Keep” You never know when you’ll want to snag a part of an old design or revisit an idea for insight on something fresh.
  8. “A little organization, and a few rules.” This reminds me of the well- wishes we send clients off with at the end of a website redesign. We really should emphasize “organization,” because without organizing your team to know who will maintain what, you’re destined for a life of finger- pointing and stale content. 

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